SST9 Idea – Chris McLoughlin

15 May


It’s only ruddy Say Sum Thin 9!

I simply cannot explain to you all how excited I am to be part of this amazing day – that’s right DAY! Mouthy are taking over the Playhouse Theatre, Nottingham!
There will be two shows, which judging from the previous Say Sum Thin’s, will be AMAZING (not gonna lie – SST7 might have made one of those tear things fall from my eye (mentioning no names, Hayley Green with Changing Rooms)), one of which I will be part of (and intend to attempt to carry on the tradition of fantastic poetry that comes from Mouthy’s!)
But ALSO – it looks like there will be a load of fantastic events during the day too!!!

Super excited. Now, for my idea …

We’re at an early stage of development, and I haven’t settled on what my poem will be on just yet -also, due to University assessments/holiday/life getting in the way, I’ve missed a few sessions – I’m very much missing my poetry brothers and sisters right now! But an image caught my eye the other day, and I can’t shake it, so I thought that would be a good place to start…


I’m not sure what it is that made this picture stick in my mind, but I think something about the fact it has a narrative, and that someone thought it was important enough to share with the world, made me think of poetry. What kind of poems do I want to create? I think they should be personal, like the above, but not so personal that they isolate the audience. Also, I want the audience to have that magic moment where they think ‘wow. I’m not the only one to have done that.’ Catharsis for the win.

So there it is. Nothing definite yet, but interesting ideas of how to shape a poem, and what I want it to contain, if not an exact subject yet.

Look forward to seeing all you lovely poetry people at SST9 … it’s going to be epic. I guarantee it.

Chris McLoughlin


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