carnival idea by Daisy Rose :)

16 May

I’ve had a few different ideas for say something 9

my first is a piece about colour shape and texture displayed through the narrative of rainforest life.

the next is a spinning carnival of emotions displayed through the different ups and downs of enviromental events as though they were personality’s..

but I have yet to complete drafts for those yet

so for now this 🙂 x

lets walk out the door ..
.every foot… skip …every piece of wood
old plant pot
building bricks of thought

a carnival

piled high for discardment
these are not no thing
there is no out …or rubbish
just displaced energy
discarded energy
like lost puppies
trapped in a drain
you have to want to save it
to take that old set of draws on a journey
first on your bike
then when it meets sandpaper
wax it wain it with the love of a mother trusting in its potential
to discover wabi sabi
beauty in the damaged
from old furniture to what we call weeds
lets skew the image
lets go down a beautiful country path
a stone wall desends into forests and lagoons…
the crisp ground coverage
of edible wild salads seeded by the foragers have taken
leaving the next 100 yards smelling like a minty herbal infusion
theyll self seed now
the balance
i want to eat my footsteps..
the coverage thickens as berrys burst into my mouth
from bushes
a rustle
a nearby nut tree throws a handful of protein my way …
but theres more than edible here..
children skip in the trees in there out door wonderland
their teach smiles contented
when foraged with careful system
this space holds heart
this space has art and buildings in its bones
waiting to spring forth like the may sun….
from every child when theyre given a the gift
rarely given to our young the natural
lets escape the money fed system
i want to taste all its patterns
they like the sun so dazeling
a hundred computers on typwriters could never find everyone
the system shifts like perception.
and i see my hands as the main resource they cant tame
as i graft in patterns holding helms
i unravel the mast they sought to steer my direction
the pasts a mess but the future is developed
when you govern the election
of your resource dependancy like children
sucking a teet we blame ..the them
…. self govern forage everything
stop at nothing
we have to be something that fixes the it in the boxed in room.


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