Hayley Green – SST9 – Idea

17 May

Collaboration: Anne Holloway and Kitty Tray

Idea: exploration of femininity and what femenimity means to me. I’ve always felt vulnerable when I have been feminine – worn a dress and make up – I’ve never felt myself. What interests me about drag is that these men can be so much more feminine than me and I wonder what is stopping me. Do I need to drag up to feel feminine because I feel like a fraud when I dress like a girl? And why do I dress the way I do – did I dress this way first or did I start dressing this way because I’m a lesbian. If I dressed in a feminine way would people look at me differently rather than “a lesbian”?

In a wider context, what “costumes” do people wear so that others perceive them in the “correct” way. Would people look at us differently if we dressed differently?

A lot of exploration is needed but this is going to be big and extravagant – lots of costumes and make up, whatever we discover along the way.


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