Sarah Newman – SST9 Idea

17 May

So I’ve had this metaphor of funhouse mirrors (picture above in case you don’t know what I mean) in my head for a week or so which I want to put in a poem. I was originally thinking about it through the election result and political representation, but I’ve done a couple of free writes on it and I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. Politics is something I feel I need to tease a poem out of at the moment for catharsis, but don’t know if it’ll be this one. I’m gonna try and done some more freewriting on it after my dissertation deadline (Thursday) is over and done with to work on it. But the basic idea is that how we see the world as people is often reflected back in a distorted way, not completely wrong, but with emphasis/stress on the wrong things. Right now my slant is the election result and view of the people not reflecting the world I myself know, but the funhouse mirror metaphor could work for something like women in the media too.


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