Sebastian King – SST9 idea

17 May

Hey everybody. for this I’ve had a lot of ideas randomly jumping around in my head by after giving it lots of thought I’ve finally reached two decisions of which direction I will go with this.

My first is stemming from a new project I’ve created which involves creating dialogue without human speech. I’m using speech synthesizers to create robot voices with monotonous presentation.

Since it sounds quite Robot-like I’m considering writing in the perspective of abandoned Carnival rides or something similar.

Also on this idea something else I wanted to incorporate is my stylophone (Stylophones are “toy” instruments that can create 20 different pitches and sound quite reminiscent of old glitching computers).

On the mouthy¬†behind the scenes page I’ll put up a very rough demo of how the voices sound as well as putting it to some music I composed via stylophone.

My second idea however quite heavily contrasts this which is a concept of following the emotion of carnivals and perhaps personifying a carnival itself. It would be more based on me presenting myself as a performer than disconnecting myself.

The idea I go is mostly just based weather I want to make my presentation more theatrical or simplistic although either idea could work either way.

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