SS9- Denie’s ideas

17 May

Gosh, this is scary but I have two ideas

Risky one= Drawn from Friday’s ‘a moment/personal experience idea’. I thought of recreating the time I went through my church’s ‘deliverance’ session. The festivity/carnival feel of the occasion came from the idea of celebrating the defeat of my ‘demons’ (basically falling for another woman), almost like a ceremony. Whilst on the other hand, it was quite mortifying for me as I felt like the main act/entertainment of a freak show. The alienation of people celebrating the removal of what is ‘wrong’ about you.

Thinking of involving a bit of rap n guitar into it though so it’s not all sad. If this idea makes anyone uncomfortable, please let me know.

2nd idea

Well this would focus on the politics of ‘black hair’. The constant and quick changes to it and how some people marvel at it (sometimes annoyingly so). Sort of like a celebration of its variations (this may include wigs or other people speaking etc) and also how people can be policed and labelled simply because of it. Its only a idea so far though so I haven’t yet figured out how it would be delivered.


One Response to “SS9- Denie’s ideas”

  1. secondanne May 18, 2015 at 8:58 am #

    I’d really like to see you tackle your first idea – because I think this is such a strong moment to explore and one that will have resonance for so many people.

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