17 May

For my piece, I’ll be looking at the darker side of carnival. In New Orleans, there is a massive underground gambling community with Russian roulette style ways to get yourself out of debt.

It’s very hushhush. While people are enjoying the colourful festivities in the streets outside, there is some crazy stuff happening behind closed doors.

I’d like to explore the relationship between the lure of the steroid-pumped fun and the shells of people who find themselves playing with their own lives.

I’d like to use lighting and sound to emphasize the different moods, may ask if i can borrow a few bodies for certain parts, and might implement visual elements like video footage if it’s possible.

All a bit up in the air, don’t know the exact direction yet but have a vague idea of what it should taste like.


B x


One Response to “SST9 IDEA – BRIDIE”

  1. secondanne May 18, 2015 at 11:54 am #

    I really like seeing stuff that tells me about subjects I know nothing about, opens up a whole new world

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