Sst9 Idea – Laura D

17 May

Keep Away From The Carni Boys 

I’ve been massively struggling with this theme as I could only think of how much I wanna go to Rio OR the fact I’ve not really experienced the “carnivals” that have been discussed at mouthy. But after a conversation with Charlotte, I realised growing up we had The Mop. A travelling fair ground that as a kid everyone would love and go to until 7pm, then you’d be hurried home by parents and never really told why?? 
At 13 I hatched an elaborate scheme to go there to see what really happened. I went and hung out with a group of older kids I knew. They were like the baddest in our area so i felt pretty safe. It turns out, the reason parents warned us not to go to the mop after dark was because It was well dodgy. The candy floss, primary colours and hypnotising “jack in a box”style music was replaced with alco pops, laser shows and heavy bass that,along with the Waltzers , totally mashed up my head and stomach. Then the coolest of the girls in our group, who was supposed to be looking out for me, caught the eye of one of the Carni Boys… Mom warned me about them. They were also considered well dodgy. I tried to warn her but he offered her a free ride on the bumper cars for a kiss so she did. I was torn between thinking it was a bad move yet really wanting a free ride on the bumper cars. I told her not to in the end but she brushed me off and told me to “pipe down squirt or I’ll tell your cousins where you are” and trust me my cousins finding out I was at the mop would have been way worse than my parents. 
ANYWAY rambling aside, it’s a memory I had completely forgotten about and it’s only during this conversation that I realised how surreal it was. To notice how the transition from fairground to MOP at 7pm, is kind of a metaphor for us as kids learning about the real world or seeing some of the older kids I knew change both visually and in personality, wondering if that was gonna happen to me too. The primary colours, hopeful games to win a giant stuffed animal and enjoyable rides …became epilepsy enducing strobe lights, a realisation that most of life is a fix where the basket ball hoops are not regulation sized or that guns aren’t filled with corks to knock out a clowns teeth anymore and a fairground ride wasn’t good unless someone threw up, broke a couple ribs or you got on it for free because your self worth was too low to refuse a kiss.
I dunno where this is going, but it’s been fun to reminisce for a bit. 
Oh and for those of you wondering how the night ended- my cousins were already at the mop and so went ballistic when they saw me at the top of the demon drop ride, my friend who kissed the Carni boy got her phone nicked by him so the love story of ‘life on the road’ ended there and I got into massive trouble with my cousins because being the only one with carrying backpack at the time (naturally) I was caught with 2 packs of cigarettes, a BB gun , 2 bottles of WKD and can of spray paint. None of which was mine. 
It was grand 🙂

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  1. secondanne May 18, 2015 at 8:54 am #

    Wow! This is a movie…

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