The journey begins…

20 May

The journey toward Say Sum Thin 9 has officially begun. The Mouthy Poets have now split into teams to market and produce the summer show. We also set about honing our ideas for the performance, writing out first drafts of poems and working in groups to discuss where these ideas were strong and where to go from there.

So the groups we split into were Education and Management, Social Media and Marketing, Evaluation and Funding, Production and Stage Management, and Publishing and Merchandise. You could probably guess where I fell in, what with blogging a whole lot and that. Each group has an important role in bringing together the collective for a smooth and exciting show. Heading the groups are the Mouthy interns, making SST9 truly a show organised by the Mouthy collective. The task ahead of us is a slightly daunting one, but we’re all eager to crack on with it.

And crack on with it we did. Once in groups we laid out what it is we want from SST9, and a challenge accepted by all was to sell over 500 tickets. It’ll be a long road, but worth it all the way.

Such a turnout wouldn’t get anywhere without the poems to perform though, so first thing’s first. We got to writing our ideas centred on the theme of carnival. Despite the work being rough, the ideas at their core were really interesting and I for one am geared up to see where they go in the future. A key thing we are committing to this time is utilising the stage in the show and the use of props. In the past we feel we could have taken the idea of performance further in our poetry, so this time we are writing with a mind to perform our pieces, seizing the chance to mess with lighting, sound, props, and the stage space as much as we can. The result I’m sure will be an amazing one. And the ideas are already up on the blog too! It all moves fast at Mouthy.

With that I guess I’ve let you all know the journey has begun! Watch this space for more details on how SST9 is coming along.



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