SST9 draft- Joshua Jones

31 May

Welcome to the Carnival

I will be your tour guide

Oh no, don’t misunderstand me

You haven’t just arrived

You’ve been here your whole life

My name? Dionysus.

The Romans called me Bacchus.

I’m going to show you around

And explain how this merry thing works

But I must warn in advance that you

probably won’t believe half of what I tell you

First, the roller coaster. You’re on it now!

It’s enormous, spherical and travels in

a circle around a ball of fire that’s larger still

How fast? We’re doing 18.5 miles per second

What’s that? Don’t feel like you’re moving?

Told you you wouldn’t believe me.

But not only does it go in a circle, it spins

at faster than Mach speed. Stupid you say?

Educated people would never believe that?

Everyone would be hugging furniture

to keep from flying off? Don’t worry

There’s magic at work in this carnival

It lets you hold on to the roller coaster

With nothing more than your toes

Over here we our have night light

It circles around the roller coaster

Which circles around the fire ball

The night light, fire ball and roller-coaster

Are perfectly measure out for your enjoyment

when the moon passes in front of the sun

It’s identically sized to give you a light show

And when the Earth’s shadow, which

it gets from the fire ball, falls on the moon

it also is perfectly sized to darken its face

I know… You’re too educated. “Not possible!”

Just wait and see…

This is a Carnival drunken with magic

overlaid with an enchantment called “colour.”

No, it’s not photoshopped, those bushes

really are green that sky really is blue

All thanks to what the master of the carnival

calls “light”, which some speculate is made

of particles. Others say it’s made of waves.

You want to know the truth? It’s made

of words. Magic words.

Want to hear something creepy?

Most of those here at the carnival

Have skeletons…

on the outside of their bodies!

And they bite us more often than we bite them

We also have things called giraffes

But you’d have to see them to believe

Over here we have the magic gardens

Within them lies enchanted trees

Which turn flowers into apples

Using only water, sunshine and air

The dryads and I never tire of that trick

Too far fetched for you university types?

Fairy stories? The good boss said

you’d be slow to believe.

But as fascinating as the lighting is,

as bizarre the other creatures are,

the most unbelievable things here

are the humans.

Just have a look at what the carnival has

designed for this wild and curious creature

Here we have the Carnival’s canteen

it’s how humans get nutrients to grow

in it they serve a thing called food

which has a strong spell called “taste”

no dull mineral absorption here

invisible buds make their mouths dance

they taste fresh fruit, vanilla dairy creams

savour Whiskies and juicy steaks with

a real abracadabra called horseradish sauce

At this carnival, getting nutrients isn’t just

another chore. It’s party which the master of the carnival

himself invites them to. Three times a day.

More if they can get it

Over here we have the kissing booth

Once again specific for humans who

have a peculiar division: male and female.

this gives rise to a particular type

of affection involving dancing, letters,

broken hearts, romance and tears and

even boxes of chocolates. The other

creatures on the planet know nothing of this.

The over-serious may be tempted to

accuse humans of mere frivolity

but this is how the species reproduces

yes, I have seen a baby human being born

I’m not going to tell you how that happens

You’d never believe me!

Some carnival’s boast of having a bearded woman

but that is not nearly as fascinating as

the sheer existence of woman

and the strongman with the bar bells is not

nearly as freakish as the phenomena of a man

unlike the other creatures here humans wear

clothes; even when the climate doesn’t demand it

they create and listen to “music”

some humans call themselves “poets”

and do funny things with words (They’re

the ones in semi-bohemian fashion. Apparently

that’s how poets are supposed to dress.)

humans make paintings, articulate philosophy

and juggle apples (for no apparent reason!)

they sit around and speculate why

the carnival is here in the first place

they come up with a sea of answers

all of them as fantastic as the carnival itself

Those? You see the shadows, eh?

Yes, all carnivals have them

Even this one.They come from

a nasty substance called Pride.

When we make ourselves bigger,

our world gets smaller less room

for the light. If sweet little Alice

taught me anything it was: I must first

shrink if I want to enter Wonderland.

For the laughter of this carnival has

a magic that is yeastier than yeast

It will only ever grow and push out

all of the shadows, the Pride and all things

which cause the bad kind of tears.

You are all welcome to stay

the Carnival Owner invites you to stay

you do not have to leave with the shadows

Stay! For this is a Carnival

where drops of water freeze

into things called snowflakes

and dragonflies actually exist

Not just in stories, but you can

see them with things called eyes

creatures called boys play

sword adventures with sticks

And creatures called girls

Move their bodies in ballet

Not for survival but to do

art and create merriment.

Stay, drink and enjoy!


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