Anne’s SST9 1st draft – What a drag it is to be a woman

1 Jun

So I will start my piece looking like this, and end it looking like me…

drag swan

There are swans flying over the motorway as huge as gliding jets.

They seem magnified, and out of scale with what’s going on below.

A reminder that nature belongs more than we do,

with our outlandish modes of transportation.

Them flying ‘as the crow’

and us having to follow roads.

I’m sick of following roads

and paths trodden by other people,

in sensible shoes.

Time for my senses to be enabled.

Remember that story about the ugly duckling? Maybe that’s me.

Not saying I was ever ugly, obviously!

But somehow I was plain and brown.

And now?

Well, look at me!

Mind you, white’s not really my colour.

And swans mate for life, don’t they?

The less said about that the better.

So do lobsters, mate for life I mean.

I think I prefer their natural hue,

you know, before they get boiled?

That speckledy blue.

Pink is less becoming for a lobster,

or a woman, let’s be honest.

Pink is for all those prissy girls.

I hate prissy girls,

I never wanted to be one of them.

But being me has taken many guises

fitting in and then rebelling turn by turn

leaving me unsure of which is costume which is casual.

So why has it taken me till now?

Why have I looked to a bunch of tawdry queens to point the way?

Envied their attempts at indulging their alter-egos

and neglected mine?

Watched as they pass for women, better than I ever could.

Some credit must go in part to my dear old mum,

She told me, when she was 17

she made a two-piece suit,

straight skirt, peplum jacket,

a ¾ sleeve with tiny button detail at the cuff.

Chose red wool/silk mix with a slight boucle.

But when her father saw her in it

he made her take it off,

said she had to dye it brown.

It’s a certain kind of girl wears red, after all.

She dyed it, like a good girl

but wool/silk mix boucle doesn’t look so hot when it has been dipped in muddy paint water.

Here’s to all the boys, and girls who’ve been told they can’t go out dressed like that and do it anyway!

She encouraged me to do what she had never been allowed to do.

Although, “try not to be too obvious, you wouldn’t want to look common,”

may have served to hold me back.

Maybe obvious is exactly the look I should have gone for all these years.

I mean, I’m an open book in every other way but dress.

Why did I suppress myself?

To avoid the stares?

Now it’s stares that fuel me

and looking like this

I can glide as good as any swan

all grace and power above the surface

hiding all the mechanics down below.

But still don’t try to second-guess me

this could be costume,

this could be real

you’ll never know.

Unless I decide to do a big reveal.

What kind of girl does that make me now?

2 Responses to “Anne’s SST9 1st draft – What a drag it is to be a woman”

  1. MouthyPoets June 1, 2015 at 5:02 pm #

    Hey Anne I like this not sure if the ending is too obvious or perfect .i love how it’s part about your mum and part about you .heres to the boys and girl line is such a good line .but going straight into lines about your mum kinda kills the momentum for me.


  2. deedenie13 June 3, 2015 at 1:45 am #

    I literally can not wait to actually hear this performed! Will it be put together with Hayley’s piece? I am really into the staging of it as well, such as the lighting as I feel like that would make more of an impact, the touch of makeup gradually removed is also very interesting and I think it would be very honest for the audience.

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