Georgina Wilding SST9 first Draft

1 Jun

I’m not going to perform this, I’m going to get it filmed I think.

Also, Josh and I are thinking about collaborating again for this piece, but it was important for me to write my draft on my own, so I could say everything I wanted to and make sure the poem was still a complete piece without his parts. Collabing is just an idea though, not set in stone.

Here we go:


There was a carnival in my womb once,

Maroon confetti string hung like bunting

inside my circumference. It was an

Over turning of life’s normal things.

Week 1 the crowds did nothing but multiply,

2,4,10 crowd zygote in only the first few hours.

Balloons, amniotic cavities of glitter waiting

To pop in my gutter.

By the 4th week the mass of bodies moved

as one, an embryo of different tissues 3 layers deep.

Ecclesiastes explained, I ‘do not know the way the

Spirit comes to the body in the womb of a woman with a -‘

Carnival. But I felt it.

By week 6 the party was all crowns and rumps

The pulse of the music bobbed speakers in regular beat.

Do you know the word carnival has Latin origins?

Carne in Latin is meat.

The white receiver rubbed over me,

I turned to steal a glimpse of what they

Said was the greatest show on earth,

ball bouncing seals,
highflying heart rates,
a dare devil;
featherless bird flipping and twisting

amidst its own clouds.

This would be our only encounter,

my only chance to watch.

But instead I was sung lulling songs,

and the slap of plastic glove said

I was too young to see this.

And now, when people speak of

Carnivals, when people preach

Of carnivals, I feel a weight in me,

But not that sweet weight.

So I swallow a disco ball, and an LED,

And I light the halls where those ghosts

can dance inside me.


One Response to “Georgina Wilding SST9 first Draft”

  1. MouthyPoets June 3, 2015 at 12:19 pm #

    Hi George,

    Thanks so much for writing and posting this, it feels really personal and important. Up the the Meat Line – I was 100% hooked and in the poem in a gentle yet difficult way. The second half of me feels baggier, you wonder away from the metaphor in a way that looses me a little and a lot of new images come in and I don’t entirely get them. What are you trying to say here and why have you wondered off? Is there way of saying it within the body of the metaphor you have already created so well or the Carnival in your body? There is so much blood, and watching, and analysing and laughing at and young anomolies in the carnival, is there not a way of pulling some of that darker imagery in as a way of explaining the physical act of the abortion?

    All that said, this may be one of my favourite pieces I have ever seen you – it’s like all the knowledge you have acquired in poetry is coming together with honesty, which is the kind of work I really like – it feels like you are harnessing something really important for me to understand and learn from as your reader and I appreciate and feel honoured to be given that.

    Less sure about the collaboration – this feels like an important poem to perform alone… but I haven’t seen any of Josh’s writing yet, maybe I will feel different when I see it.

    Debris x

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