Ingrid Mclaren SST9 First draft

1 Jun


We were the lost ones,
the saviour had already ascended back through the clouds
about 27 minutes ago according to my watch.
I heard some of the people who thought that they didn’t deserve
this fate crying and praying. I looked up and bang
on half past, he was back carrying an old Volvo
and he said to us I am bringing a few more
of these but you guys have to drive to heaven,
the Guinness punch and the jerk chicken
will probably be gone by the time
you guys get there but I’ll leave the Waltzers
and the Ferris Wheel. Good Luck
because the fire and brimstone
will be coming down soon. And he disappeared
back into sky I never thought God
could ever look so small I guess that’s why
he usually ascends through low clouds. It all seemed so unorganised,
but the ones who weren’t shocked into stone
were running and I didn’t even realise that I was running too.
I clambered into the car but people wouldn’t stop though the car was full.
When the doors were finally shut, there were three in the front
including the driver, ten in the back, people on laps and in foetal positions
sat between feet: faces squashed against windows. Four in the boot
and one person clinging for dear life on the bonnet.
The driver looked back at us all and giggled.
She started the engine, and speeded off.
The idea of heaven had never been appealing to me
and Sabbaths had always been the bane of my week
but in this reality God was saying that there was Guinness punch!?
Heaven sounded like a Carnival:
a celebration for the good things that we’re not allowed
to feel all the time. I hadn’t even been paying attention
to the road but when I looked up the trees were bending
their branches and making a flat road and ahead
of us they were growing taller and ones in front of them sprouted up bigger
each time straight out of the concrete. It was only interesting
for a couple of seconds then I decided that a bit of sleep
would feel like clean bedding right now. I looked left and right
at the people I was sitting next to and the person whose lap I was sat
on and realised that the person to my right was so attractive
that I forgot how to speak and when I remembered,
my words were like Bambi on ice.
I said something about whether they minded if I leaned
on them while I slept because I’m always really conscious
about touching people unless it’s really necessary and it seldom is.
It was fine, it usually is. I dreamt that sky was made of jigsaw pieces
that would float down on command and you could sit on it and shoot off
wherever you wanted to. At rush hour there was hardly any sky.
I shot up and said to driver how do you know where you’re going.
She told me we’ll be in the forecourt in a minute.
She hadn’t answered my question.
I didn’t doubt her anymore but I started counting to sixty.
By the time I got to 45 just like in my dream a piece of the sky
just big enough for the car fell and landed directly in front of us.
The driver quickly put the hand break on as we parked and we shot
into the sky. I lost count. But I heard the music
so soon I think that it was less than 15 seconds
and when I heard it I was hurtled back to my childhood
as the old school soul held my face and smiled.
Everything was dark but the road was a long disco ball
that shimmered on its own
I looked around and the women were in batty riders
and the men in string vests and gold chains.
Everyone just looked around so confused
not saying a word until the driver broke the silence by saying.
Jesus Christ I have good skin then we all checked ourselves
out and agreed that we now all had amazing skin.
The driver chuckled and then drove into the gates
and just as God said, the Ferris wheel and the Walters
were still up and the 18 of us danced until we all passed out.

They never woke up.

2 Responses to “Ingrid Mclaren SST9 First draft”

  1. MouthyPoets June 2, 2015 at 9:57 am #

    INGRIIIID! You’ve done it again this has blown my tiny mind it’s so so good the length doesn’t bother me I like it’s so twisty I love it neal

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