1 Jun

Okay guys this is really rough. Just to show what direction I’m going. Still needs a lot of work!

My pulse quickens as I stand before the doors.
Am I ready?
Can I face the versions of me left behind?
How do you know when ur ready?
To face the truth of who you were who you are and will be?
Before me stands a child smiling in the ignorance of the difference that will set her apart from her friends.
Her days are full of family gatherings and love music and food. She dances to the music of celebration.
I smile at the memory of this child.
A smart mouth and the sweetness to get away with it.
Next a girl who stands awkwardly in front of me.
Unsure if her self as she hits her teen years
She knows all to well why she is different. And she knows they have noticed it too.
The girl smiles though it doesn’t reach her eyes.
She has no idea of her worth
She is strong a fighter, through the haze she battles fearless.
I am proud of her she over came so much.
I walk to the next girl a young women music fills my head once more colours and lights flash around her as she beams at me laughing.
She is confident. She is alive
She is becoming the person she always felt she was.
I walk slowly forward another stands before me
Her spirit has grown,
Though the music had faded age still turns toward the sun to feel it’s rays against her skin
The time had come for her to forge a life a career a home

i exit the house of mirrors



  1. MouthyPoets June 3, 2015 at 11:42 am #

    HI Liaurie, really like the honesty and movement of this piece. I am wondering if you could insert move movement and description of the actual house of mirrors – who is at the entrance, what to they look like, how do they distort you visually, why are you there? Because eI felt like I didn’t know you were there until the last line and I wanted more connections between the literal place and things you are seeing and how that connects with the metaphorical journey you are relating the experience to.

    Does that make sense? Really, interested to see where you take this, have you thought at all about performance?

    Speak soon,

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