SST9 First Draft: Tally

10 Jun

Human Sacrifice

Inherited from Mother to Mother to me

From this position the view is clear to see

A horrific change in human condition

Using their parts to embellish my position

Given up to glory gods

Offering strength to their name

Often now the ends are done in vain


This brain is a black treacle clot

Result of sickly sweet infection

This human is beyond correction

Modern world has taken its toll

Society descending a dark hole


Hair naturally graceful upon a breeze

Pride of appearance it should be

Sacrificed to Aphrodite

No longer fondly beheld

By those in this earthly realm


Eyes too long made to see the second

Guessed superimposed images the brain longs to be

Exhausted leaving blind spots

Readily fooled


Fast food force fed

Pushed down their throat

So deep even the voice box

Will tell you it’s loving it


Lungs raised with hundreds

Blow a gale that moves mountains

I’d carve them out

Give their strength to Thor

For a god appreciates their power more


Legs to march in liege

For righteousness given to Mars

They are given conviction

No more do the owners know their strength


The heart no longer holds love

A bank vault. Arteries clogged with

Allen key trophies from your

IKEA dream home

It has withered black

Skin bleached to conceal the darkness

Making it worthless

I’m beginning to think only the gods and I know

The truthful value of human beings.


One Response to “SST9 First Draft: Tally”

  1. deedenie13 June 11, 2015 at 8:34 pm #

    Wow Tally, you and I hardly ever speak but I read this out of curiosity and because the first few lines caught my attention. I can not lie, this is so good, it reminds me of HOW I WISH I could write in the style of Lauryn Hill’s rap/poetry (because she sometimes speaks it and it is so good). Simply because it reminded me of Lauryn Hill (who I love so I am completely biased) I was wondering if you wanted to do this with some kind of accompaniment or so? Like this piece reminds me particularly of Lauryn’s piece called ‘Mystery of Iniquity’ and actually, also ‘motives and thoughts’. Check them out if you can and consider if this would be good with some music in the back too or better yet, even rapping it. I heard you did something like that for the last SST so maybe speak over something, not sure exactly what it is that I have in mind but I really enjoyed it and only WISH I could write like that.


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