James fields- first draft carnival poem

12 Jun

A carnival.
Approaching from the distance as memory’s pour down like an effervescent inferno.

We slowly edge into the eternal ember
Perpetually pirouetting into the world we live in.

Our eyes become harbingers to a place we thought only existed within tall tales.

Affection. Love.


We’ve seen it all and laughed ever so quietly as life becomes a twisted talent show. Baring witness as one by one they all recite the fastidious verbiage they’ve repeated again and again. Dancing for the mere approval of the crowd.
We who turn away from this utter madness. This macabre obsession. Are branded as outcasts. Failures. Doomed.

We walk together hand in hand.

Through the sapphire duvet of the night sky.

We walk together.

hand in hand.
Leaning on each other as the weight of countless tears overflows and consumes us, as a bitter reminder of the sorrow, despair and hopelessness they artfully.


stitched into our hearts.

A mental scar.
A revelation. Maybe

We reluctantly enter the spotlight. Fighting through the mimetic nature of those who look upon us with such scorn. And gaze upon our true selves.


One Response to “James fields- first draft carnival poem”

  1. MouthyPoets June 14, 2015 at 2:08 pm #

    I have another idea, but it’s definitely a performance poem where the character has to be witnessed rather than read. Still deciding which one to do :S

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