James fields-90’s kid poem for a laugh

14 Jun

I’m a 90’s kid.

consumed by memories of cow and chicken, orange soda and wild thornberries.

What do u mean I have a very bad diet!

You young whipper snappers don’t know nothing about real TV! U don’t know nothing!

Talking about your Ben 10. Pfft Ben 10. A brown haired miscreant with an identity crisis. You wouldn’t wanna go one on one with me and my wife and kids, you’d be in trouble.

Even the old school shows we watched were better. Don’t look at me like I’m daffy, that really bugs me.
And don’t play games with me, cause I’ll turn it into jumanji. Don’t try to get your own back either! I’ll drop you into some gunge you wouldn’t like that.

We had a real education too, with teachers like Mr tinky winky and lala!
All you kids learn is how to leave dirt tracks in the house from ignorant pigs!

rant over! I’m off to play snake on my phone, who needs angry birds anyway -_-


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