James fields- second poem idea

14 Jun

This poems based on a character I thought up. His eccentric nature is something I can only express through performing it. But here it is! (If i perform this one maybe I need to throw in a disclaimer about it not being about me or my actual parents lol)

Life is a metronome.

Back and forth.

Sailing through time on a voyage.

Cower in fear before my ridiculous notions

My misanthropic stature.

Who goes there. Filling the gaps between the sound of my own voice. Who goes there.

A walk in the park is too easy for me. I’d rather strut, stride or skip my friend. Life is my canvas. You are a mere memory i left stained upon the ground. Admiration is what I expect. A delusional ballad I orchestrated from a glorious dream.

Bow before me. I treasure myself above all I know. But what do I know? Enough good sir! Scoot, shift, dammit move! I deserve my place in society whether you agree or not. Poppycock, I descend like a peacock and display my beautiful, awe inspiring talent.

I am the Adonis like structure you look upon with eyes drowned in jealousy. I am here! I am the best! The undisputed.

Father never loved me. Mother was a self absorbed bitch I have no qualms in saying it. My extravagant facade was forged in the fires of a life ruled by neglect, anger and fear.

Hand me my mask as I verbally dull your senses to the truth. It hurts.

I bare all suddenly then chastise you for ever stepping forward in the attempt to understand me.


Undermine me.

What do you know. You’re  ungrateful, you’re  judgemental. You’re  nothing to me.

I am a sharp sword cutting through the rotten flesh of humanity’s true face. So bow down to me as I reveal myself as a self satisfying illusion. A war torn machination. And look upon me as your reflection.


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