Charlotte – Think you can dance? (2nd draft)

18 Jun


Ese atrevimiento no, no te lo consiento
Y ese atrevimiento no, no te lo consiento
Y ese atrevimiento no, no te lo consiento
Y ese atrevimiento no, no te lo consiento”

Flew in with the floods
Fled sweating, but drier
Passion hissing from taped-up tyres

Think you can dance?
Because you drank dirty rum from a dirty bottle
Sharked around for toilet paper on a night out
Like every other glistening chica in cut off jeans and flip flops

Hombre fist on face, free hand peso grab
You learned to walk more slowly in the heat
To flirt your eyes at cat-calls, pay less to rest your feet

Think you can dance?
To hotter heartbeats hiding between two/four
Pumping blood to Miami from Galicia through the veins of Orisha
Bypassing the be-clogged artery that keeps its arms by its side

Scrawled number, scraps of paper
Pressed against back pocket butt
You had them ready, the most organised slut

So you think you can dance,
By learning to?
Go home. Go home and dance alone.

Tech-wise I am going to have recorded music very dominant in the piece (I’m still working out whether we can afford to use the music I want to use….). I’d like to be in the centre of a circus ring which is created by the elongated rope of the ring master. Lighting-wise I’m not certain what would work best but I would like it to be a bit disconcerting, perhaps it flickers as it gets nearer the end as I begin to falter as I dance. Or I am also picturing a kind of constant slow fade in and out with the lights, sort of like your vision is coming and going. Bridie and I have agreed to work together but haven’t worked out if that means her just ebign the ring master in my poem or us combining our poems and performances in some way. I am kind of imagining this epic opening to the Auditorium show where Bridie’s narrator takes the audience on a journey through her poem, stopping along the way to look at me and look at George. NEEDS DISCUSSION!


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