19 Jun

Sand blew away Now it’s solid rock I’m digging to

But until you break you

You can’t break through.. Foundations need the depth.

. So I’m not ever going to regret.

The tears hopes dreams Lest the universe let’s me forget..

I am the ripple..

The current..

I AM a universe looking at itself from within it..

Cellular calculated decision Separated until we reflect

and combine with a vision we guise over and within it

This system isn’t broken It was designed to guise you from your self..

The world’s heated up Infected..

Now like blood cells we aid or divide this tide

it’s a simple as how big a perspective container you build as your disguise

Your beautiful universe believe in the you..

Put down the mirror you reflect yourself through..

Moments are calling you Time can’t last long.

The world is ablaze with all that was designed to go wrong.

Picking the scabs to distract from the shame

What goes up must come down..

This is our cycle not an item to tame.

Your only as big the world allows you to fall..

You’ll only feel strong

When we hold onto the fact that the less is the all..

One thing intrinsically implies another.

.then we question it all

vibrations transient we reflect in our lovers.

If all is light

then you are is key 1 of 1

If hope was an object would you leave it be

If your not an object

then why are we wrapping up and pretend to be

see me

Your not an object.

Objects are just someone else’s imagination..

Carved into being by a determined vibration..

You can’t line my centre.. Carve me onto a shape.

Yet school does this daily to the children we breed only to throw them away.

The system will teach them to scurry along

to conform

remould teach them nature is wrong..

That a man is a mountain but he ought to be shaped as a child

Into all that this world you aspire to admire..

A corrupt derision of capital and governmental decision..

Before your child’s even born

they are programming their vision.

Magazine aisles of plastic and crop..

And perhaps you’d like a gassed sandwich with that.

Now don’t worry miss Nothing could go wrong.

It’s been done before only you must play along.

Wake them up to the sunshine

but remind them it’s time for school.

Then send them to the place where you remember disagreeing with every rule

But you were just ta kid right??…

its can’t actually all be corrupt

because you’ve got a hair appointment at two..

This could interrupt lunch.

be nature

parental be strong.

Your the reason the human universe is built on

. No they shouldn’t be teaching your kids you don’t know the best from the rest.

It’s all a program in-case you complain or digress.

To wanting fair..because the circus has won.

and now all that’s left is to hope and escape this for your young.

Give them a chance of the spiritual.. creation That’s waiting inside them In their mind bodies and soul.

Individual wants and creation

Because this Victoria system won’t aid in these goals.

Words don’t pertain to explain the spirit

because its everything that you feel and that’s less than

5% of the vibrations of even just sound and sight that the world has waiting within it

Don’t lose yourself.

Because of normality..

Normal is creepy it’s a robotic fallacy.

See me.

Stand In The Ever Flowing ever essence

That Is Your Essence..

Don’t seep
Don’t seep
Deep feet stand in the gap divided by complete
Stand in the gap
Of these every swelling feet
Swollen by silence
Stagnancy if deafening
It’s deafening
I sat with you
In stagnancy

it was deafening.
Defending your right to silence

in bending
It’s making it feel like everything

is ending.
But I’m complete..
Their swollen

but beneath this thick soiled meat ..
They are my feet.
I’ll use them tomorrow.

to walk away from today.
Locked the door
And I visit with them

I visit with them..
They’ve used my

.tissues remains to block out the light

of every windows hope.
I’m standing guarding

my own remote.
We’ve all got to move.
Falling is moving
And we must hit

rock bottom 

hit rock bottom
To build a solid foundation.
Like the 82 Nd iv in my arm..
6 months and 3 days old..
I wonder if your tiny body inside knows why mummy blood just ran so thin
So cold
6 months and 4 days young.

A room of charts show me.. how the precipit
Is rising no matter how far we’ve come.
Mrs nimerovski ..
Daisy ????

I’m not sure you understand ..
Your just a child
We want to abort
Your body is refusing it’s you or the baby..

They must think I’m crazy. .
6 months 5 days waxing
My enema takes away the sense if pain ..blood fills the bowl I’m retching again..
But I won’t throw you up
Throw you out.
I’m a mother now
Even if you hadn’t come out..
But seeing your face was never what mothering was about.

Years old..
Graphs depict a time when my organs will decide if it’s too much.. my heart will fall run cold..

Why would I need organs worth out you
6 months 7 days
I think they understand ill die with you before I leave you..
They want to inject a giant needle into your lungs
They say steroid injections would aid you in your natural perfection should we need to conceive of you early.
I know I won’t let that happen.
My body is draining every ounce for you.

“Usually the body would have simply rejected the foetus at this stage”

only 6 stone left on frame..
Hunger left days ago with my childhood..
And now I’m not afraid..
Now your childhood is stood waiting in my arms

Why don’t you sit down you might stop retching..

Stopping has been inconceivable

for so long

this comment from another patient seems..

like bat and ball..
Should I even answer or try to explain at all.
Every 5 minutes every 5 minutes through..
Medication to
Food fast..
To we’ll stop your water you can suck on
One ice cube an hour..
Nothing else
We don’t understand


this is happening
Iv doesn’t react like this in anybody else.
a doctor came all the way from America to study us.
A case study because of how odd mummies bodies reaction was..
I’m detaching to the present now.
But it’s a reflection.
Because that’s when they gave us our own room.
In the hospital it’s a pretty well known fact

that this is a privilege saved for the people with serious infection

and the ones that don’t have long left to play.
My mother arrives..
5 days now all I’ve had in my mouth is chunks of my own bloody stomach..

digesting the world the wrong way.
5 days left if it carries on

and apparently my heart will end the play

We don’t understand how she throws up when  we give her iv anti emetics..

I hear them saying to her mother in the hall..
I start to wonder if it’s all the toxic waste their pumping that’s escalating all of this.
Like the first time I drank this cities fluoridated hospital water..
Cramped into a space

your soon learn to stomach the taste

bitter only acceptance of a new derelict existence.
It confounded me
Build the ground that
Has founded confounded me
The sickness held.

within the sickness industry.
Almost entirely
Chewed me up..
We  it was biting me.

Chewed we up it was biting me.

But we didn’t give up.

Alone I probably wouldn’t have been enough.

But I held on to you tight..

and we didn’t give up.

I began to refuse their poison today.

I found a plant that takes all of mummies sickness away.

But its illegal..


Im supposed to take this needle with the drugs they want to be feeding me.


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