Bree SST9 2nd Draft

19 Jun

Sorry it’s late…was really struggling with this.


Master has taken me from my country

I sail towards the Caribbean sea

Carried by my own tears

Away from serendipity


Master has stripped me clean

Of everything I own

Any link to my home

Bringing me to my knees


Master takes my drums from me

But I steal pans from the Master’s kitchen

To make drum beats


Banned from carnival festivities

I hold my own

Master gives me 100 lashes

But it is worth every single one


Master had to set me ‘free’ eventually

And I still dance to create memories

Through the space left between

Me and my family tree


Master always tries to shut me down…

[e.g. Canboulay Riots in 1881]


I still sing to create harmonies

That carry over the winds of time

These are mine


Master still tries to steal music from me

But he can’t find rhythms in the steel pans

That I once stole from him

And he can’t find freedom, like I can,

In the way his body tries to move with pride –

It is a lie

It’s Nottingham Carnival 2015

Wining and gyrating have been replaced

with whining and castigating

The only voices heard

are people arguing over a £2 entrance fee.

Leave your bitterness in the queue please


Master will always try to shut me down

But I will never forget why I’m here


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