Carnival of Eden

19 Jun

A time ago before we lived where we do now in this city,

people spoke of a garden so incredibly pretty,

now people garden,

but like screened shots off a slow printer,

they’re like poor copies of a streaked Mona Lisa,

I think they got the pictures of THE garden wrong, the one called Eden

its image feels constricted ,

when ownership or “agriculture” came along


and maybe self owned gardens,

of poison is wrong ?

I just cant imagine this garden to be tame,

in my mind lays a thick carpet of lush green and bird song

shed be woven of the mother we probably shouldn’t give one name.

Toil came when we structured into owned capitalistic individual idealisms,

what gets me is some how we forgot the true realism,

all ownership is theft,

and so when we cant beat the banker join them,

as we divide a line between what’s yours and mine

invented toil invented time served

but even half a heart knows

 what’s shared grows,

we didn’t choose this system the workhouse did

look into our history its been quite well hid

this is wage slavery

that’s why you only get enough to keep you coming back

its A natural community,

foraged systems we lack,

because when we live from the wild we learn to love understand her,

and want to give back,

a reseeded world would be one we could see if we forgot our lines,

divided boundaries,

we could go for walks a throw cherry stone

munch to sunsets the wild sauerkraut or sorrel reseeded from many a plant gorilla away

into the pockets of ground into the hope could be new composted coffee grounds.

This lady we stand on needs to breath but a desert of grass is starving her away

as she sits anorexic, we know trees are her lungs,

so know soil is her life blood her stomach how she feeds us

her young,

and a meal of only rapeseed and grass feed of weed killers and fossil fuel hair cuts will poison YOUR KIDS

it will poison our guts,

toxins don’t always kill instantly.

Lets re feed our system,

with all that we harbour,

create a new world of freedom and barter

trade in your skills,

before wage slavery they had to use workhouses to convince us this was an easier way,

because a man wont work 3 days to buy shoes he could make in one day,

were not asleep, I refuse to except that crap,

regain a skill, to ourselves lets give fact,

don’t complain of cats fat whilst your scratching its backs.


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