The tea protest.

19 Jun

You sit sipping tea 
Talking talks 
you’ll never walk
Of a greener country 
And although
I’m sure the words 
had some meaning before
on tongues barred tip
before you baired it
Now the words are gravel
From a ocean
long forgotten
Ripped from a ground
Because you sought it.
We all change
through time
I’m not doubting

your story because you 
But it’s a reflection 
of the actions 
And won’t happened

chained to a chair 
That’s in orbit 
All the middle class

Active cups of tea
How is dipping 
a fucking biscuit 
going to change 
what we see.

I’ve seen your banners
And I know 
your against the disgrace
But foreboding 
wont be met
without a hair
out of place 
We don’t bare 
a story 
Without the scars 
that trace that place. 
Won’t rid us 
from the griddle
Fables of long 
old rotten ties
These corporations 
take actions 
keeping us all hiding ashamed

of our own acceptance
It’s fighting

that’s required 
When a strike 
on your hearth is bid.
This plague won’t be over

until all unsavoury 
habits are rid.
Don’t teach them 
to your children 
Not for a single day.
Don’t let them get infected

and hope it will some how

just fade away..
Ours is a future


of hope



and truth
We’re lacking in this wealth.
But most of all
Ours is a future
is one deprived of actions
We need to move this forward


before we lose all hope of traction.

But now were on the street 
Footfall becomes a beat 

The crowds inside as well
As it swells inside 
your feet

not mindless 
But absorbed 

into yet another crowd 
Of peace fuelled…
hapless lovers…


holding blinkers 
to protect the shroud…
Pushing rage filled forces 
rising up 
everything but any essence
Is there really any truth 
To an action
I required attendance
to requisite 
Or should 
It really just be
one on one 
a box of matches

corporations me
How many of us 
fed up 
Wasting ..written minutes
Endless pieces of paper 
Incentivesed green …
Whilst carbon offset 
… fly yet more plastic waste around 
Until we realise 
we’ve used every fossil fuel 
5 times parcelled up…
displacing our

hoarded toys around.
As we everyone hapless 

stand watching

from the ground
I’m not sure

I can just sit back.
Reflect upon
these days…
As the tumour 
visualises itself. .

itself away  
into the everyday

And I become just

another number
Not pushing when 

it forgoes the chase in me.
This is not a game
So refuse to play it
This not in name 
and we don’t 
need to sympathise 
as the land 
is raped directly through it
When they’ve chopped 
us to the wrists
then maybe we

submit it

and say screw it 

But right now decisive 
Fuck yous
Is needed

to unveil and view it…
So join your hands 
whilst you have a chance 
before we must admit

we blew it ..

Join your hand to a match

and blow them away..
We’ve tried the rest now just


Get to it !!.


One Response to “The tea protest.”

  1. MouthyPoets June 26, 2015 at 10:29 pm #

    Hi Daisy,

    So I just wanted to expand a but on what we were talking about… thesis the kind of play I was talking about… trying out different stanza and line formations and seeing how it prompts you to use less words and guides the rhythm and driving force of what you are saying, why you are pausing and where you are breathing…

    You sit sipping tea, talking,
    never walking, on a greener country.

    I’m sure the words had meaning
    before tongues barred tip,

    before you baired words
    now gravel from oceans forgotten –

    ripped from a ground.
    We all change through time.


    You sit sipping tea talks – you’ll never walk.
    A greener country, I’m sure. The words had some meaning before
    on tongues barred, baired, gravel from ocean.

    Forgotten: ripped from a ground
    Because you sought it. We all change
    through time.

    …. Do you think you could try 2 or different version and see what it leads you to do? Once you have settled on a form I would also encourage you to use a thesaurus and explore different word options. I say this less cause I don’t like your word choices and more because I can tell you really want to push your language for purpose which I think is great!

    Hope this helps,

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