Carnival 3 draft raisa

26 Jun

At the carnival

Where music marinates the joints

In my bones….

Dislocating every movements into dance …

Blocking all noise of outside for

Ahhh “waite a minute my choones on”

Holding a vybez for the next song to play.

Where babies to kids to adults..


memories become

Nothing but history…

The Nottingham carnival

the place

I’ve allways been…

26 years……

Where things like music

And faces change…

Even the taste of food start to change

Jerk chicken..rice and peas please…

Today I can’t afford it..

Prices rise..

Pockets start  empty……out

Now I have  a child…

Things like friends become scarce…..

Carnival days like last year.

Loneliness was a stalker

Whilst pregnant was my skin…

Friends become foes….

New ones become saints….

Music becomes just a chune..


2 Responses to “Carnival 3 draft raisa”

  1. secondanne June 29, 2015 at 9:31 am #

    Hello there – much prefer this edited version – I feel like it’s really getting to the point of what you were saying – but you’ve cut out the bit about taking your son back there? Can you put that back in please 🙂 I know Debris has given you a load of feedback to work on so I’ll leave you to implement that before piling on any more

    Anne xx

  2. MouthyPoets June 29, 2015 at 9:56 am #

    I’m finding it difficult to get that in again I will be writing it out and seeing where and how I can implement also for my final draft wen I get there. I’ll be putting it in stanzas

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