Mouthy Prep session for SST 9 – BeaBop

4 Jul

After missing from Mouthy for a few sessions, it was great to return yesterday and get straight into it.  I was involved in an exciting session where Emily had everyone hug her; some of us crawled with the Mouthy baby and we explored the emotions within our SST9 poems using different techniques.

To cut a long story short, it was refreshing to know that my poem had neither a male or female voice, which means there is plenty of legs for taking my Carnival Queen in any direction.  I also, whilst work ing on a body language exercise with Chris, affirmed that my poem is about regret.

I am going to use an acrostic to get this across:

[R]egal traditions – Queen, royalty; transferring culture through rituals

[E}mpty jealousy – A flat emotion brought alive by memories of her

[G]reedy self – Macho behaviour of narrator was about ego

[R]eality reveals true nature – Now the narrator understands her spirit

[E]ach moment lost – Their connection is lost

[T]ime cannot return her or me – Time cannot heal all wounds or wind back

Chris observed that I use my hands alot to shape my words and emphasise my conviction right down to the syllable.

Again, I know that there are layers within this piece that I cannot wait to explore – with hands!

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