Final Draft SST9 Joshua Jones

5 Jul

Carnival World, Carnival Man

Welcome to the Carnival! I will be your guide

Don’t misunderstand me, you haven’t just arrived

You’ve always been here. My name? Dionysus.

Bacchus to the Romans. I’ll show you around

But I must warn: you won’t believe half of what’s on these grounds

First, the roller coaster. You’re on it now!

An enormous, spherical ride flying around a giant fireball

Crowd One: How fast?

18.5 miles per second. See, you don’t believe.

It spins at faster than Mach speed.

Crowd Two: That’s impossible!

Ah, you educated ones are slow to believe

Crowd One: But we’d fly off!

There’s magic at work. We can hold on

with nothing more than our toes

Here is our night light. It circles us

and when in front of the sun it goes

it’s perfectly sized to bloc out its light

and when the Earth’s shadow, that it gets

falls on the moon its crafted

to perfect size to darken its face

This Carnival is drunken with spells

an enchantment called ‘colour’ has enrobed it all

No, those are real bluebells

Not photoshopped – those bushes are green

All thanks to what the master of the carnival

calls “light”, it empowers all to be seen

Is it made of particles? Waves?

It’s made of words. Magic words.

Dryad one: Tell them about the bugs

Want to hear something creepy?

Most of those here at the carnival

Have their skeletons on the outside

And they bite us more than we bite them

We have things called giraffes

The sight of them provokes a laugh

Here we have the magic gardens

Where enchanted trees turn flowers into plums

The dryads and I never tire of that trick

No, I don’t think you’re dumb just slow to perceive

The boss said some wouldn’t believe.

Crowd One: What are the strangest things here?

The strangest? Easy – the humans.

Behold what the master designed for them

It’s a cafe called taste –

how humans absorb their nutrients

invisible buds make their mouths dance

As they create with endless ingredients

There’s vanilla, jams, whiskey and steaks

To this party, the master invites them to partake

Three times a day.(More if they can get it)

Dryad Two: Tell them about the kissing

Here is the kissing booth – and I won’t make you wait

To hear of how the human male pursues his lovely mate

Letters, poems, tears and even boxes of chocolates.

The other creatures here know nothing of this.

The over-serious accuse humans of frivolity

but the human race reproduces through this all

yes, I have seen a baby human being born

I’m not going to tell you how that happens

You’d never believe me!

they use cloth to make their bodies private

even when clothes aren’t demanded by the climate

they create music, poetry, paintings, and juggle

make philosophy and speculate why

the carnival is here in the first place

with answers as fantastic as the carnival itself.

Some carnivals boast a woman with a beard

that’s dull compared to the sheer existence of a woman.

the strong man is not half as freakish

as the inexplicable freak that is a man.

There is one price that we must pay

to continue enjoying the carnival.

No money. The Master has made it all Free.

You pay the pride of your pride. It’s a poison.

You make yourself big, and your carnival gets small.

We hate to bow but love to stand

forgetting that Alice had to shrink

to enter the Wonderland


I will need: toga, wine glass with juice/wine, laurels, 2 dryads, 2 togas for dryads, 2 audience members with loud voices

I will have a dryad sitting on either side and will be standing with minimal to moderate pacing. lights rise, lights set.


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