carnival by RaisaFinal edit I need help with spacing I’m doing this on my phone

7 Jul


The time where music and your

Body Intwine itself

Into dance

As people gather around at the forest recreation ground.

Reggae music heard from

The backgardens of Nottingham…

Dancing squads attend to the streets

Sharing there art from dance to costume


You see old faces..

And some not worth seeing

So you avoid all contact.

You rock and sway

As the music takes it stand

Ahhh “waite a minute my choones on”

Holding a vybez for

the next song to play.


Where babies to kids to adults..Attend…

memories become


 but history…

Nottingham carnival

 Where things like music

And faces change…

Even the taste of food start to change

Jerk chicken..rice and peas please…

Today I can’t afford it..

Prices rise

Pocket start to  empty out

Now I have  a child…

This time last year

I let the music drowned out

My thoughts.

From being with a group of friends

One year

To having none of them around.

But a baby in my womb

With the need to share this time.

A need to celebrate this time

With hugs of joys…leaving handprints of pulsed fingertips

On my stomach…

I swayed to the music

Realising that the hyped lifestyle

Don’t lastlifetime

But this child

Me and the carnival will surely meet



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