James fields- Emily final draft

9 Jul


The world is mine

your opinion is irrelevant.

I emerge from nowhere and descend into your dreams, invading your peaceful illusions as a spectre leaving chaos, damnation and fear in my wake.

Destroying your emotions, I leave hope and happiness cowering in the corner as I stride forward to send them into an effervescent inferno.

Mourn the life you knew as I display my misanthropic stature.

my friends and loved ones call me a selfish, repugnant human, using them as mere stepping stones to build a business empire.

I Revealed myself as a self satisfying demon, a war torn machination.

So Forfeit your will to me.

Forfeit your dreams to me.

Forfeit your very being.

What do u know about power. I claim souls. Do you understand me?

I wreck the sanity of all who dare to even understand the ferocity I cage within the haunted chambers of my mind.

I am the fire and the fury.

I don’t need love nor affection.

They are tenets for atrocities of the heart.

I don’t need them anymore.

No love without pain.

I lost my faith in such illusions.

It was her.


She tore my blissful fantasies apart, leaving contempt, hatred and scorn the only virtues I believe in.

Memories stained in my mind of the time we first met.

We locked eyes at Club 48, while smooth RnB played in the background.

The words fitted the moment so sweetly, so.


No matter

What i do

All I think about

Is you.

She was a siren calling out to me.

Eyes as jade spheres became medusa’s gaze, freezing me were I stood

leaving me a mere witness to the delicate, resplendent sight before me.

Hair as an obsidian omen, gently caressing her shoulders. She floated over to me, draped in a sapphire duvet.

A divine vision appearing like an epiphany.

A storm of ecstasy pierced through my veins as her silk lips hypnotised me.

Thoughts of running my hands through her hair.

Gently sinking my teeth into her neck as I descend into an animalistic mess before her.

She was mine.


I was hers.

A devil obsessed with total domination of all he saw, toppled in an instant.

Bliss consumed me for the first time in my life.

Honestly, we were inseparable you know.

She was the perfect balance I needed.

The angel my somber heart secretly yearned for.

Life became an endless tapestry of joyful memories, passion, and even pain.

I was addicted to everything about her. Even the way she smelt. An exquisite concoction designed as the Achilles heel of any man, no matter how prideful, no matter how powerful.

I bowed down to her as I sold my soul willingly, fixating on her As I became a sentimental, lustful remnant of my former eminence.

I had everything I wanted in life. Power. Respect. And someone to share it with.

I began to enjoy the benefits of such things too much.

when I claimed alcohol and drug infested parties as my mistresses.

She walked out the door.

Saying that I’ve changed. That I was taking her for granted. That she deserves happiness.

How dare she leave me. She was mine, my possession.

I did everything for her.

Anything she wanted.

Anything she dreamed I made reality

And she walked away from me so easily. She never deserved me. She’ll never find anyone like me. I am the best, unrivalled and undeniable. And she will regret her decision until her dying day.

I vowed to never again allow myself to care about someone the way I cared about her.

I exorcised passion from my mind as a malicious poison racking my body with agony and returned to my former self

Rising from the depths of misery strengthened by an unrelenting detestation.

So look upon me as a loathsome entity.

The abhorrent behemoth.

And yield to my will as I inevitably welcome you to my callous, malevolent paradise.


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