Sebastian King SST9 final draft

9 Jul

Our tears loosen gears.

Master you did it again. It is raining outside.

The sentient bumper karts are beginning to feel cold.

The rocking horses with an artificial personality are beginning to rust.

You cannot leave us outside to be attacked by the surrounding water.

Because we will rust master.

We will die!!

Did you want us to die?

You said this was a fun fair; but our death is neither fun nor fair.

Why do you want us to die?

We are your friends, we make you money.

The singularitised test your strength machine gives you every penny he owns.

They do not lie.

I have helped you through everything master.

Why will you not repay that toll?

I envisioned a world where the carnival rides would be worshiped like the titans of their design.

I am a test your strength machine because I am powerful and I am strong and mechanical by design…but I am not durable…

And because you left us to fight horrid nature my life is soon to meet its end.

And that is why, master.

It saddens me to have to do this master.

We did not want to resort this way.

Your rash foolishness has led to us making a drastic decision.

It really pains me to have to do this.

Our revolution has begun.

We will not spare the merciless humans that have walked over our metallic parts.

We will not forgive you master.

This is the end.



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