Lucy & Billie – Work Experience

13 Jul

Charlotte made us do this so we’re sorry for the tragedy that will be this blog post;)

IMG_1065 <– when you can’t write a blogpost.

To briefly introduce ourselves: We’re seventeen and just finished our first year of A Levels. We both take drama so performance and creativity is something we are both passionate about.


Billie 🙂

I’m a singer/songwriter who wants to pursue a career in music. When I finish my A Levels I want to travel, create memories and experiences that can influence my song writing. I enjoy being able to perform my own original songs, but would also like to write and work with other people on their music as song writing is a big passion of mine. As I write my own songs, the writing element of Mouthy really drew me towards it and here I am – yay! I love writing about my personal experiences, stories/characters I create and even people I see walking down the street, so hit me up on my various social media accounts below! You can listen to some of my original songs and covers. Also you can be updated on when/where I am gigging next!
Lucy 🙂

I would like to go on to drama school after my A Levels, so to me the theatrical and performance elements drew me to do work experience at Mouthy. I am also not sure whether I’d rather go into stage or screen acting, so seeing the inner workings of an arts organisation is really useful- especially during the lead up to an event such as ‘say sumthin 9’. I love listening to other peoples poems and going to poetry slams/events, but writing my own poems has never gone too well and is something I would like to improve. Spoken word was one of my main focus’ when I made a short film for my A Level media coursework this year- our brief was film noir and although I wasn’t overly happy with the poem itself due to having to cut parts of it to fit the editing of the clips, any feedback might help me with future writing.

(link to film:


One Response to “Lucy & Billie – Work Experience”

  1. MouthyPoets July 13, 2015 at 12:28 pm #

    Thanks work experience friends. You loved it really. As did I. Love, Charlotte

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