17 Jul

Last night was amazing
dawnings, don’t want to gaze into your empty haste,
how did we get here
I just remember being too close face to face,
reminiscent kisses wishes
lead too that once loved place,
maybe when I’m honest were just chasing our reflections
paying no homage
to the occupants just tenants,
to feel the need to feel to have a heart,
place some pins within it
in hope it might begin it
in this desolation were in it,
dystopia plagues me and I know the one thing that saves we
will be love.
Cast asunder in my calcined I as the ego,
alcoholic beverage seems to fly,
we can all be a nation languishing in why,
we can all be moments trapped by moments yet to try
its not original,
its a script,
ill script
El epitome disorder,
try to find your green, love yourself,
now that’s an order!


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