RAISA poetry

5 Aug


We sat on the grass

Whilst it pricked my infant skin..

Picking grass with infant hands..

Watching the cracks in the dried out clay like soil…

With insects like ants…

Tumble around..

Like an army

One by one behind one another…

Carnival remember the sound of music that changed each year…..

And that time I was lost inside a crowded tent..

Where adults legs looked like tree trunks…. Growing from the dry cracked earth……

Lost at 4

But I still remember the jungle sounds

1993 wicked wicked

Jungle massive…

Blarring through my ears….

People doing something exciting jumping up and down all limbs floating…

What are they doing..

I can’t find mi mum..

Can’t see her…

It was my cousin he,lost meh….

The worst 5 minutes of mi life..

Haa imagine thats note compared to now.

Soon as I got older it was me dancing around all limbs a float..

Costumes that dug into ya forehead and the ones that dug into your waist..

Just for one year..

It’s tiring you know but when I take a step back the costumes the dancing iss sooo unique!

Gwarn I say dance and dance again


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