raisa-Too humble too nice your soft

7 Aug

I don’t have time on the roads these days

Smacking aggressiveness through my


Don’t have time these days eyeballing

People walkingaround.

Whilst I’m out trying to live a life

Some are tooo stuck into people’s business

Like hey why’s that girl skinny

The same aggressor spends hours in the mirror trying to get skinny.

Not realising that everyone wasn’t meant to look the same. Minds being controlled by the media…. Her being skinny is none of your business.

“waite do you even no that girl”

“why’s that girl fat”

Same aggressor spends hours in the toilet beingsick.  hours infront of her own family being called fat. Nights looking for how to change.

These Young women don’t even know how progression could be made if our minds weren’t adopted by the media ways.

The media is becoming a man.

It’s the head of the government.

The formula one.

The  woman beater

The headmaster.

It’s like a beast is secretly hidden..

We can see it hear it.. But we serve it astho it’s a religion.

(this start of my poem has more progression. I was free writing this whilst stopping a 10 months old pull my hair out)


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