Body by Raisa mclarey francis

28 Nov


Dear body,

I know you exist
And that
I only have one
of you

But I feel like
a tortoise
Leaving my body shell
behind me

Coz l see you
Just like a shell.
I don’t look after you
Don’t nurture you

Use you
like I’m using someone

One day I feel good but the
I hate you!

And sometimes others tend to just use this body for all sorts….

Im sorry body

You must understand that I need to be more connected to you
More protective of
dress you with pride

Protect you

Like I protect my child.

Show how proud of you I am like my child

Make sure you eat

and those who want to use you,
They can’t no more

You are my body,
you are not my shell.
You are the whole of me
And we have eachother.

To my body
Me and you against the world.
I love you body…….
I’ll save your tears so I can write for years


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