Dee’s SST10 piece idea

2 Dec

So, this idea may completely be changed by Say Sumthin 10. I want this piece to be about a redhead I knew and often spoke of at night with my friend whilst under the moon’s light. To me, light represents the absence of darkness or at least the fight between both to exist within the same space. I’m going to try and explore the death of this redhead at night and my constant need to reverse time and make both her end and my last words a little brighter. The piece in itself, touching on death makes it dark which should serve to emphasize the absence of light ie her soul’s ‘lights’ being put out or at least the idea of her death meaning she ‘walked towards the light’.

The Wale cover is simply to challenge the way I write and my usual delivery. I shall attempt to use his album ‘The Album About Nothing’ in particular, the song ‘The Pessimist’ to explore how Hip Hop can influence my spoken word and rhythm regardless of what I am writing about.

This may completely change though.


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