Midnight Shelley -SST10 ideas

2 Dec
When I heard that the theme was ‘light’ I automatically thought of this poem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa-1hsKObM4
I’d like to take some of the ideas about light I’ve touched on it this poem and explore them further. Light is particularly significant to me because I often feel like ‘I grew up in the dark’, in a literal sense. My childhood was spent with either newspaper on the windows or curtains that never opened – it was always about hiding from the outside world what was going on at home, and how bad it really was. Therefore darkness to me has a real feeling of secrecy. Yet it also has a feeling of safety, because of it’s familiarity, so I might like to explore further that idea of being attracted to that which we know, even if it’s not good for us, as I touch on a little in the youtube vid –
I know the night.

I’ve known nights to taste sharp and electric,

crackling with possibility.

I’ve known nights so dark and dense

they seemed never ending
to me.

I’ve known nights to outshine days,

to call me out to play dangerous games,

I’ve known nights to swallow me whole

and spit me out in pieces.


I would also like to take further the idea I touch on later in the poem of this fire, this sun, inside of me. ‘My chest is scattered with solar systems of suns’. Some people have called it anger, or grit, or stubbornness, but it’s always felt like fire to me. Get close to the light, it becomes heat, get closer, you burn. It can be wild and untamed, and even scary, as if it’s still aggressively trying to protect the kid I was. It can also do amazing things when directed properly, and it’s saved me more than once.

These are some of my seeds of thoughts…must stop here or I’ll just keep going!

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