Barney – SST10 ideas

3 Dec

My initial ideas drew some inspiration from a couple of songs I love,

The first is Jamie T – Turn On The Light –

“Love, turn on the light
It’s so dark in here, inside a life
And I know what it’s like
To feel loved, and to not like yourself”

The second is Jack Penate – No One Lied

“Heaven is a place, no one lied
It’s rushing through your veins, flooding your eyes
It’s hidden in your brain, the sweetest surprise”

I’m thinking of using darkness as imagery to represent the feelings of being lost, isolated and despairing and then a small flicker of light suppressed inside yourself that can grow into boundless light if allowed to, glaring out of every pore.

Could maybe do something fun with the stage lighting to reflect the journey of the poem from darkness to light?


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