Jacob: Ideas for SST10

3 Dec

At the moment, I haven’t found an idea that excites me enough with the need to urgently write. But here’s some ideas about light:

Idea 1)

To me light is a small part of what we see, literally in how much of the electromagnetic experience we can perceive and metaphorically in the experiences we choose to remember and have our identity formed around. One idea would be to write a piece on the subject of identity and beliefs about the self, being formed around a few lanterns floating on an ocean of experience.

Idea 2)

When I’ve shared some personal insecurity or experience with guilt/shame attached to it, I get a feeling of freedom translating to a feeling of clarity and weightlessness in my body. I’d describe this feeling as light, a louis armstrong what a wonderful world kind of feeling. A poem relating to this is my second idea.

Idea 3)

The first quote or song that comes to mind is one by Leonard Cohen from the song Anthem:

“There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”

To me I interpret this as how human connection, empathy and intimacy are reached. My third Idea would relate to this and the difficulties with being open and intimate with people.

Also, Id like to do something with two voices. Maybe one in the spotlight and one in the dark.

Really enjoyed reading everybody’s ideas. Excited to see the Poems that come from them.



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