Sebastian King – SST10 ideas

3 Dec

Oof, many ideas, many many ideas.

When I initially saw light as a theme the flow of ideas hit hard, here’s the list of them (will try and shave this down later) :

  • Divine light:  First idea that came to mind, when I think of light there was immediately ideas of something powerful and grandiose, could complement  my style well.
  • Computer lights: I’m thinking of something on the idea of the L.E.D.s on a computer screen, probably in a similar vain to my SST9 poem though I’m sure on the direction to take it yet.
  • Enlightenment: Quite straight forward idea here, something of sudden realization or enlightenment.
  • Rhyming poetry: Also quite liking the idea of just creating some type of continuous prose of “-ight” rhymes 😛
  • Being smart / “Being bright like a light”: Sort of like the ego themes of my SST8 poem just using the word and being kinda monologue-y
  • The allegory for the unloved lightbulbs: Just another idea that decided to jump into my head that could make for something interesting.

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