SST10 Idea – Laura D

3 Dec

I have a couple things buzzing around at the moment which Will almost certainly change about but that’s standard so…

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of Research and investigating about stage and film lighting of all sorts Because I didn’t really know where to start so I’m hoping the more I play around with these concepts a poem might fInd me??
  2. Sounds random but basically every year for nearly 28years my parents have gone on holiday to the exact same place in cornwall and its a tradition we have a photo in front of the Lands end sign. It’s fun because you can literally see our family grow up in them. No matter what has happened outside of that snapshot there some sort of peace in the photo. And you can track things for example my dads gradual hair loss, my older sisters crooked tooth/braces/neat smile evolution, me overtaking her in height, my mom getting really fat and then a baby appearing. It’s cool BUT Every year it bought up the same major argument, the fact the photographer (same guy each year) Stands directly in front of the sun. I used to geT into so much trouble because I would have my eyes closed in pics, or squint or eyes Streaming and Just didn’t get it why everyone could take a half decent picture! It would get so heated that it often ruined the day and I’d Storm off, sit on the cliff edge and name the rock formations because the Cool lady in the RSPB hut Told me it was gonna be okay and lent me her binoculars to spot sharks and falcons. So anyway, I digress… Approx 2years ago I had a brain thingy tHat made me Ill and in testing for stuff I was told I haBe photosensitive / photophobic pupils (basically they’re too biG and let in too much light, also why I look high in clubs)

So apologies for the ramble but those seem to be my thoughts so far. Any comments , thoughts or Feedback welcome 🙂


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