Mouthy Workshops – Anne

11 Dec

4th December


After the disclosure of the theme for Say Sum Thin 10 (e.g. light, if you missed that!) a wave of excitement  got us all. During the sessions now you can feel we’re working towards something. Something great.

It is curious how different people respond to the same stimulus. It’s like a social experiment. We’re like a social experiment. You say a word, light, and each of us will associate that with their own experience.

You say a word, light, and everyone will think at its opposite: darkness. Then you are caught in darkness for  minute and all you can write about  is light. It’s the logic of the opposites.

Mix light with winter, sadness, ocean, traffic, flights, childhood, first time, art, tragedy, growth… and you’ll have a beam of light. Work on that and you might have a raw little draft. Mix everything up again and you might be lucky enough to create a poem.





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