Beth SST10 First Draft

17 Dec

More of a word cloud than a first draft, due to formatting issues. Will get the first draft up soon. This one went to a dark place, ironically…


clumplike misshaping uvular peppery unsheathes scapulars overblew chewable inebriations tuft fluids

ingestion reflection siphons toast tarnishes warped worshipper fervour hamstringed haemorrhage fractal

esophagus globular gluttonous pulverised birthed lethargies compromisers invaders fungoid smolts

nonfossil fraternisers screw gestated scantiness rumbliest epilation tender delicious ecstasy burning

impeccable pounding thrusting relics torn crystallized prismatic spectre meagre starburst pinnacled

opulent velvet fissures eroded mask funereal yielding vellum potent sumptuous swelled ached froth

sinuous wound corruption throb eldritch seeped fat grotesque iron steam melting digestive regalia

complicity primitive delicate ash sooty sulphurous battered devoured meres jagged cleft slit stumps

wraiths chasms flickering snout gloating moistened mulch vapours tubes blunt aphids gulped scraped

mashed drunk decayed blank stuffed clay sealed alloy split fatigue slick dessicated girdle inarticulate inert

gape sullen carved enamelled distillation melted socket seam fluctuating viscous petals inferno plunge

sluggish devices ritual illusion altar suffused nebulous contractions bulbous varicose bloated gropes

quivers tenuous basted lanterns murmurous rheumy rimmed goblin masquerade embalmed fluttered

plucked dust glued wasted tortured consumed agony crunch scattered clotted stained diffuse taut warped

blotted scouring gelid choked sizzling indulge slabs sprout budding palpitating corrode


One Response to “Beth SST10 First Draft”

  1. MouthyPoets December 27, 2015 at 1:50 pm #

    Just wanted to say this could be mind blowing in performance… especially if learned by heart and performed without pauses!

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