Charlie’s Rough (very rough) SST10 first draft

17 Dec

It’s still a work in progress but one poem has come together:

And he said
Let there be light

And for a moment there was              the blue that shines off spilled liquor
pure and brilliant                                   yellow warmth
to be and to love                                   as my head starts to spin
and it was beautiful for a time                   as the happiness kicks in
now its fluorescent flickering of bad news              the green and white exit man
the new energy savers you had installed yesterday                we all thought it was a big joke
the shattered bulb from                                              when he said he started seeing things in the lights
the time you tried to close the window on a storm                and seeing faces in the lights
seeing shadows in the lights
We should have known



Light is the way our liquor stained tongues intertwine at quarter past one in the morning
Light is the street lamp where my road ends and yours begins
the cars blazing past like this paper burning as we let the haze take us home
Light is the way you look when you smile in the shadow of my fairy lights

Light is the way you make me feel when I feel
Light   — headed
Light   — hearted
Light   — weight to even get this love drunk in the first place

And we just kept doing it for the lights
and the late nights
just so we might
have a good night



And I like this song too. It’s been inspiring me to write so it would be nice to have it in my poem: (if I can)
Aim is to  1) get a poem to about 2-3 minutes
2) get a poem



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