revelations, Dr

17 Dec

a conscious mind is a future wish
revelation of a memory
caught of mists
we recalculate
passionate perception
wild abandon
fathomless free within ourself
to be lost of reality within a human depth of probationary reaction
reptilian will replicate the moments
I choose not the ones trust upon me
by kneaded replicate mistakes
ancestrally learn not to be eaten by the bush,
the lion was slaughtered bye
cognitive deception


reflection to the point of

retinal conception
more rhetorical inflectional
I am a fleeting love song
on a moments I drunk for
fleeting ill be running buildings spray can
at fingers flights raw
expression builds
image confound
so ill surmount more
unbundle the ravel for the gravel we
only reap score,
2.3 to the fleet a dice of feet heart beat
we all ground 4
chakral charcoal seep
beneath ill feet
but is it pills or heart we weep for /
2.3 % weight loss on the second your leaving body
question questions the paths deemed right or left ?
through fields your the building mono floor
we are the weed flowers seed showers
your the trees that built the steep towers
programming paths into linear alignment
programming the 7 so 8 will be blinding
wont be the cycle
we might more

so is the 8 the spiral that could ignite raw.??

Im thinking of doing a video currently of a country walk.. im also looking to bring a comedy jux to position to my final piece early days ❤


One Response to “revelations, Dr”

  1. MouthyPoets January 7, 2016 at 12:31 pm #

    Hi… Daisy I think?

    This piece has such an intense use of rhythm and rhyme which I really enjoy but I feel like I really want to know a. what it all means? and b. what it means to you as it feels like there is an emotional core I am not connecting with and maybe the writer isn’t connecting with as the title suggests quiet a personal story maybe?

    Really enjoyed this and can’t wait to see it’s core unravel.


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