Hayley Green SST10

20 Dec

Sorry on the slowness – life! This is what I’m using. As I’ve taken it from the stage show, it’s not really at draft stage still and mostly I need advice and help on getting the visuals right.

NB: The “phases’ refer to the phases of self harm.


The stage in darkness, the 3 phases stand centre stage dressed in all black. A drumbeat is heard, and then music like a military call to arms. Figures gather around the phases, dressed in black, their hands and feet are visible through UV lighting. They judge them, studying them in choreographed movements. As they study them, the figures begin to write on their clothes with UV pens: flawed, scarred, cutter, liar, attention seeker, selfish, self harmer, crazy, morbid, Emo, mental, psycho, mad, weirdo. As the music begins to drown out to a single drumbeat, the light lifts on the faces of the three phases and the figures leave the stage.


Phase 3:

I did not cut off who I am.

I don’t think it matters to

those without scars;


Phase 1: flawed is easier to say than self h-a—


Phase 2:

I don’t think it matters how

my skin hangs together;


Phase 1: flawed is easier to say than self h-a—


Phase 3:

I am not fragile,

my skin hangs together.


Phase 2: I cope with mechanisms like –


Phase 3:

I am not fragile,

I only trimmed the edges.


Phase 2:

I cope with mechanisms like

those without scars.


All:       I only trimmed the edges,

I did not cut off who I am.


3 Responses to “Hayley Green SST10”

  1. MouthyPoets December 30, 2015 at 12:26 pm #

    Hey Hayley!

    This is cracking, and looking forward to seeing how it’s staged!

    One possible way to relook at this might be in taking out the play format and turning back into a poem, editing, and turning it back into a play after? Just a though, might give a fresh perspective?

    Other than that, good stuff, looking forward to see the visuals of it (and am well up for a chat about that at some point if that’d help 😀 )


  2. MouthyPoets December 31, 2015 at 1:05 pm #

    Hi Hayley,

    Really powerful, love the effect truncated lines has. This piece seems pretty complete. Why does phase 1 never get a complete stanza whilst the others do ?

    How will you make sure the audience can read the words that are written on their bodies. I thought a silent performance, where each phase writes their words on different black boards and it appears on a bigger screen so the audience can see. Maybe it doesn’t have to be silent, somebody could perform the poem as the three phases write their parts on a board and it appears on a larger board. Just some scattered thoughts.

    Another approach to this might be writing a short narrative sequence for each phase.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the performance of this.


  3. MouthyPoets January 4, 2016 at 1:25 pm #

    Hi Hayley,

    It is quiet difficult to properly feedback on this without hearing the three different voices I feel – I really enjoyed how it worked at Arvon and quiet liked the simplicity of the three people speaking in parallel and I think you cast it really well actually.

    Saying all that, I will do the best I can with what I have…

    -‘I did not cut off who I am’ amazing simplicity but power of phrasing.
    -Amazing balance of said and unsaid/restraint throughout – this is where of the joy in listenin/watching comes from with this I think.
    -Lovely word choices and phrasing throughout
    ‘I don’t think it matters how
    my skin hangs together;’
    -‘I cope with mechanisms like –’ great use of wordplay, very effective and made me think.
    -I cope with mechanisms like
    those without scars. … bloody love it, I had to think about it but that’s perfect tbh!

    -Will you be one of or any of the voices?
    -It might be quiet interesting to push yourself as a performer to be all three? I am thinking of how Sabrina does extracts of her plays this way and how powerful it is…
    -How long are you thinking this extract will be? It is pretty short at the moment are you thinking the initial physical motif will do most of the work? I kind of want more dialogue and I really liked what you did at Arvon… is there not room for any of that here?
    -Not sure I understand ‘I am not fragile I only trimmed the edges’… love it but I wanted a bit more here.

    -I feel like I want a bit more contextualising from phase 1…

    Cannot wait to see this grow!!!! Both for SST and in general…


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