Beccy’s poem

7 Jan

Hey, I have (hopefully!) attached mine as a document so you can see how I’ve formatted it. I’ve been really cheeky and attached 2 versions, but they are both quite short. Mainly the feedback I would like is, which of the two versions do you prefer?!
As for lighting, I have two ideas: First one  super simple, maybe just a spot on me and not too bright. Second idea: Having the spotlight dim towards the middle of the poem – or maybe even cut out for a second or two, but I don’t know how weird that might be, having a voice come out of nowhere! – and then brighten again to normal.  If there is anyway of having lights that look kinda like stars, that would be cool in the bit where I’m talking about stars, where the spotlight would be at its dimmest/out. But if that can’t happen I’m not worried 🙂

It happens on a balcony


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