Laura D. SST10. 999

7 Jan

This is a combo of some research into playing with lights/performance and a poem idea that I’ve struggled to actually write for. The idea is an insight into the life of a 999 operator. It’s not totally complete I’m doing a lot of research into it speaking to some actual operators to be authentic. But here’s the gist :

All on an audio track of different voices.

She is sat at a desk with multiple phones. One rings, she answers the call it’s a straightforward request for police and the call ends. Then calls start to come in and build up and as she reaches for various phones she starts to become frantic. There are calls that are haunting and serious amongst calls that aren’t an emergency she struggles to respond to them all. But they’re all layered up. In between these work calls there are personal calls dotted. She simply can’t respond quick enough. Eg ” Kate , you haven’t been home in ages , Mom misses you” … ” Kate dads not well, he’s asking for you”… All whist the calls are building. She tries to respond” sir I’m sorry, if you could just hold on, just, yes I understand, but sir, stop just hold on. STOP” she snaps. Swipes phones off table. Silence. She Sits in front of it on the floor curled up. The phone rings, she searches on the floor, there’s a message tone from her brother again “Kate … It’s me. Mom needs you. We all, need you. He asked for you ya know. Bye Kate” 
Sounds a little dramatic, I’m working on more subtle content and smother personal storyline. But that’s all to be developed. This hopefully be all done under black light so On the desk will be trays of UV paint and as she reaches for phones she dips her hands so the paint gets on the phones, desk and on her as she loses control. 

Hopefully the image (whilst badly drawn) might explain it a little better.
Again the vision is there, I need to work on the content as I’m going to get realistic reports and sort out the personal narrative. 
It’s not exactly a poem and I’ve never done anything like this before ( any guidance helpful particularly those that play with layering audio or samples of speech Nadia? Hannah? )because this was supposed to be a poem. But turns out I could see it more than explain it. So thoughts on anything are welcome, wether it’s worth pursuing at all for this show or if it doesn’t really fit? Or if it makes sense at all ??
As a lot of you know I’ve been struggling with writing a lot atm so when this wired vision type idea hit me at 3am last night, I thought I’d give it a shot, put it out there and see what you guys think. I’ll post up content/ actual text as soon as I have it.

Tech would be: An audio track (which I will sort). A table. A chair. 6 broken Phones (I will sort) UV light. 3 shallow trays(I think I can sort). UV paint (can sort if needed) . Potentially a projection of sound waves that match the audio (can produce this  if you give me a deadline)



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