Light Draft

7 Jan

Sunset, Tally.

The sun sets as a matter of daily schedule,

Ceremonious ritual of the sky routinely unseen by us.

Ever running waterfall of events and information never recalled-

Rushing time past people, but land calls back embracing the light, continually.


As the sun sets down above forest canopy its light

Reaches through toper most veined leaves and

Reigns green dominion to forest floor.

Sun’s sweet light sung in the company of beech trees

Resonates orange with the bark.


Drawn towards the shore line

Descending slaps ropes of golden light

Across waves cresting within

Setting’s jurisdiction.


Sea meets cliff face sputtering into caves

Already invaded by the setting sun

Strength crashing blood orange up rocks

To threaten castle walls with red.

Empty ice-scapes are conquered by

The continuous spectacular of sun set

Every crystallised facet emboldened.

Dazzling pink and purple below cloudless sky.


Alone the sun occupies skies above deserts of snow and sand until

Returning to the land bringing in cold night. The sun’s sky usurped by a

Symphony of starlight.

Signalled by the care taker moon.


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