Nadia Second Draft

7 Jan



So the theme is Light


What Can I write about concerning light

I have looked on google

looked into past conversations

Spoken to Fellow Mouthys


Light Fuck Sake

I have a job this is hideous

Which I can offer anyone 50% discount on floral shit

Pop onto Bridlesmith Gate.


I have a degree which is useless

And studied with some right bell-ends

“My Dad invented the bubbles in aeros”

“My Mum designs the covers for The Rolling Stones”

“I am related to Alexander Fleming” 

I don’t give a fuck

I am from Arnold

“You’re from Nottingham…doesn’t that have terrible gun crime? “

Oh get over yourself mate before I whip out my metaphorical gun on you.


Four years of being away from home and I am back with my parents

Who are constantly hinting for me to move out

But with my income its not humanly possible


I volunteer here there and everywhere

People Say..

“Stop Volunteering”

“Keep trying find yourself a better job”

“Don’t accept anything unless its paid”

Oh yeah its that simple

So I get about one day off in ten

And writing something for the rejection pile is not my idea of a day off.

(or having my face in a laptop screen is not my idea of a day off)


Invigilating in a gallery eating Chocolate biscuits


Is probably a better use of my time

At least some of it can go on my CV.


So 4 years of uni debt

Being told a first will open so many doors

and most of my days I have customers shout at me for the 5p carrier bag charge.


I have learned some new one liners though

“Oh i am sorry because it is in the sale it is an exchange only within 14 days”

“Can I take you post code”

“Would you like to be part of our mailing club you can receive all our offers”

haaa light


I watched Jack my best friend get promoted in his teaching job

And has his masters all funded for.

I see my friend Sarah is getting married

And she asks me to be bridesmaid

But tells me not to worry as I will be sat on top table

As I have no boyfriend.


Yet people keep saying

“Keep trying”

“Don’t give up”

But would you want to hire me


I seem to be good at

Smiling and putting tulips in my hair

and I am really good at pretending that paradise flower is my favorite print and I wear it all the time.





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