SS10 Draft 2 Jacob

7 Jan

Runtime 2 minutes.

Feedback wanted: lineation, chronology of narrative, Ideas for performance.

Tech wish list: Nothing at the moment.

He moves apart the fire
with his foot. Uplifted petals
of ash flicker in the air.
The pieces of wood go quiet
and grey. The morning pulls

a shadow from his frame. She’s
unsure how to act with him.
He passes her a can. She opens.
The plunge

of the pull ring is a diver
practising alone at night.

She passes it back and says
“shall we speak.”

He swigs, gulping down
to the ebbs, then flicks
the last swells onto the ash
and embers. It erupts in a hiss.
He turns to her and says
“about what”

Her tongue finds fur on her teeth
from the evenings rum
and Red Stripes, she dredges
at it with her nail, and says





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